All You Need to Know About the New Made-in-India Android Tablet Featuring BharatGPT AI Technology

In India, the MILKYWAY Android tablet, powered by BharatGPT and MediaTek chipset, targets the education sector, especially government schools, as part of the AI revolution. This sleek tablet offers AI-centric features, focusing on sustainability and easy repair, to make its mark in the market.

The MILKYWAY tablet, running on Android, provides a seamless experience with its sleek design and dual cameras, catering to students’ and educators’ needs.

With BharatGPT integration, the tablet offers a virtual assistant equipped with voice, video, and chat support, along with real-time speech translation capabilities, aiming to enhance learning and communication for students.

Powered by a MediaTek chipset, the MILKYWAY tablet boasts up to 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, ensuring smooth performance. It features an 8-inch HD display, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE support for connectivity. With Android 13 and a 5100mAh battery, users can expect reliability and efficiency.

Emphasizing sustainability, the company uses eco-friendly materials and ensures easy repairability, reducing environmental impact and promoting longevity.

The MILKYWAY tablet aims to make AI technology accessible to students across India, with an affordable price point and focus on government schools. AI features are offered for free in the first year, with subscription charges thereafter, ensuring affordability and sustainability.

The integration of AI features in the MILKYWAY tablet empowers students with innovative tools for learning and communication, bridging the digital divide and promoting inclusive education.

As AI technology becomes increasingly integrated into educational tools, the MILKYWAY tablet marks a significant milestone in the education sector. While commercial launch details are pending, its emphasis on AI features signals a potential shift in the education landscape.

In conclusion, the MILKYWAY Android tablet represents a groundbreaking advancement in AI technology, focusing on sustainability, affordability, and accessibility to revolutionize learning experiences for students across India.

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