Unleashing the Power of Siri: 12 Must-Know Features for iPhone Users


In today’s tech-savvy world, our smartphones have become increasingly sophisticated, and one standout feature is voice command technology, notably Siri on iPhones. While many users are familiar with Siri’s basic functions, there are several hidden gems that can make your iPhone experience even more incredible. In this guide, we’ll explore 12 Siri features that might have flown under your radar, making your daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

  1. Raise To Speak – Simplifying Siri Activation:
    • Activate Siri effortlessly by toggling the “Raise to Speak” feature in Settings. Simply put your iPhone to your ear, and Siri is activated without pressing any buttons.
  2. Post to Twitter or Facebook with Voice Commands:
    • Save time by using Siri to post updates on Twitter or Facebook. Just say, “Post to [Twitter or Facebook],” dictate your message, and let Siri handle the rest.
  3. Search for Tweets on Twitter:
    • Siri isn’t just for posting; it can also search Twitter for specific subjects or people. Ask Siri to “Search Twitter for [subject or person]” and get a list of relevant tweets.
  4. “Change It” – Editing Messages Made Easy:
    • If Siri misunderstands your message, simply say “Change it,” and Siri will revert to the previous prompt, allowing you to correct or rephrase your message without starting over.
  5. Siri’s Mathematical Prowess:
    • Beyond basic math, Siri can handle complex mathematical problems. Ask Siri, “What is [math question],” and watch it solve problems or even calculate tips on the go.
  6. Save Directly to Evernote:
    • Evernote users can leverage Siri to save new documents without unlocking their phones. Set up your Evernote mail-to address in contacts and instruct Siri to send an email to Evernote, effortlessly saving your notes.
  7. Location-Based Reminders:
    • Take advantage of Siri’s location-based reminders by enabling Location Services for Reminders. Tell Siri where your home, work, or other frequent locations are, and set reminders based on your whereabouts.
  8. Effortless Unit Conversions:
    • Siri is a handy unit converter. Ask Siri to convert any unit amount, and not only will you get the result, but also a list of additional conversions related to your query.
  9. Remember Relationships:
    • Teach Siri about your relationships to simplify communication. For instance, say “Pete Morris is my dad,” and Siri will remember, allowing you to call or message family and friends without using their names.
  10. Pronounce Names Correctly:
    • If Siri mispronounces a name, correct it by asking for the contact’s phone number and saying, “That’s not how you pronounce [name].” Siri will provide pronunciation options for you to choose from.
  11. Search Emails and Notes:
    • Save time by instructing Siri to find specific emails or notes. For instance, ask Siri to “Find email with my new schedule” or “Find email with Friday’s Documents in the subject line.”
  12. Check Dates and Holidays:
    • Siri excels at handling dates and holidays. Ask Siri about upcoming holidays or inquire about the number of days until a specific date.


Unleash the full potential of Siri by incorporating these lesser-known features into your daily routine. Whether you’re simplifying social media updates, solving complex math problems, or setting location-based reminders, Siri is there to make your iPhone experience smarter and more efficient. Take the time to explore these features and elevate your interaction with Siri to a whole new level.

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